MUST SEE!! Removing Students Loans from Credit Bureaus!!

MUST SEE!! Removing Students Loans from Credit Bureaus!!

MUST SEE!! Removing Students Loans from Credit Bureaus!!

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Many of you have bad student load debt that needs to be removed from the credit bureaus so you can go and obtain new credit!…but a lot of time, the student loan is hurting your credit score and credit utilization…

Student loans always show up as to the limit and have no balances…that’s messed up right? So you’re always maxed out and it’s an installment loan at that!!…but, it’s not impossible to come off of your credit report but sometimes, it may take time…but our usual turnaround time to remove them is about 30 days…this is all legit way of doing it as well!!!….

So, just because I remove it from the report it doesn’t mean that you don’t own it!!!…that’s the big misconception to credit repair…people think??!!….(if it’s off the report, it’s off my life) NEGATIVE!!!….I always say to clients, PAY ON TIME…and if you ever get it off of your credit, then it’s up to you if you want to pay them or not!!

I can’t go info Salley Mae and remove your info from their records, but I can remove it form the report!…after it’s removed from the credit report, then you can go and establish a payment plan with them so you can pay them back!…

By The Way!!…it’s not going to show up on the credit report after you begin paying them back….if you dispute correctly, negative accounts will never show up on your credit!…

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